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Most days you can find me in my leggings with one of my pups in my lap, working on changing one more person’s world through photography. I tell stories with my camera and Maryland is my home, but I am a proud Venezuelan-American with a nomad's spirit. I am mostly known as a vibrant Baltimore wedding photographer and portrait photographer - I love making people feel beautiful AND comfortable while they laugh at my antics as I photograph some of the best moments of their lives. You see, my goal is to serve the world by taking a fleeting, precious moment in someone’s life and making it timeless. My tools are light, lens, and camera rather than the marble and clay that the Greeks used thousands of years ago, but still full of art - living, daring, vibrant art.


I photograph passionate couples in love and adventurers navigating their way through this crazy beautiful life. I serve people who yearn to get past the highlight reel and Pinterest pressures to savor life in real time. I am incredibly blessed to be able to capture these moments. The world can get so dark sometimes- it's the little, subtle moments that can make all the difference. I believe in the magic of a captured moment, the beauty of a laugh, and the raw power of being REAL.


When I’m not working you can find me listening to ALL the audiobooks, sweating it out at the gym, and planning our next adventure with my incredibly handsome hubby. In the fall of 2018 we took a 17-day road trip to several national parks (#HardCoreParkTour) in the US (and one in Canada which was INCREDIBLE) and to say it re-ignited my wanderlust is an understatement. When not traipsing around the county, we share our apartment in Glen Burnie, MD with our two fur babies - Rice and Pepper, who frequently strive to prevent our getting out of bed in the morning with their furry puppy kisses and snuggles.



Maryland Wedding Photographer Katherine
I believe in the magic of a captured moment, the beauty of a laugh, and the raw power of being REAL.

i'm Katherine

about me


How I started

My first experience with wedding photography happened when I was 15 and assisted a local photographer at a wedding. I photographed on film (digital photography was still in its infancy) and remember being so proud when the photographer shared later that one of my images was used for the album cover.


I am a nerd who easily gets lost in (mostly audio)books. Tolkien, Brandon Sanderson and Brene Brown are my all time favorites

My Own Love Story

My husband and I met at a small Film School in Texas in 2007. We became friends, started dating in 2009 (long distance) and were married in 2010! 


You will definitely find me dancing along to the "Wobble", camera in hand. I love the happy energy during wedding receptions!

Super Power

My Superpower: Hitting every pot hole, every time.

If you’re eager to hear more, here are six things you might not know about me!

Recently Checked off the

Recently checked off my bucket list: I trained for and ran my first marathon in 2018! Am I going to do another one you ask?! We shall see!

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