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11.16.18 L. Nestor Portraits -  Katherin
Schedule Below 

October 22nd

Howard County, MD


15 Minute Minis

10 photos

2-week delivery


Receive access to download your full gallery (20+ images) for an additional $100

Email me with any questions:

30 Minute Petit

20 photos

2-week delivery


10.30.18 Collins Family Portraits-1680.j
  • We are thinking about holding a small ceremony/elopement and moving our celebration to a later date. Would you be able to take photos for both?
    I LOVE intimate ceremonies and elopements! Now, a lot of this will depend on what the regulations are for the date you are looking to hold your intimate ceremony. Send me an email with your thoughts and we can talk through options! I want to do everything I can to safely capture your special moments!
  • Do I need to include you in the gathering limit?
    My understanding is that, yes, vendors need to be included in the gathering limits set by state and local officials, especially those vendors who are present within the room/area at any given time. If you have questions about this, I would recommend double checking the state/local guidelines where your venue is located.
  • What do we do next?
    If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out! We are in this together and I want to do everything I can to help throughout this time. If you have potential dates that you want to double check, policy questions, or anything, send me an email!
10.30.18 Collins Family Portraits-1545.j
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