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Creative, authentic, and vibrantly heartfelt moments as a reminder of joy in all seasons

So are you ready for an adventure?


In every season, we have reason to celebrate. Engagement, Anniversary, Graduation, Maternity, Family in Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter there are beautiful moments constantly happening in your life. There are hard seasons as well, which makes capturing joy all the more important. 


A sampling of special moments below for

Couples, Families, and Individuals Portraits is below or you can skip to the bottom to read about the booking process/FAQ!


by Katherine Elizabeth

Whether it's getting up early to catch the first glimpse of the sunrise, drinking lattes at a coffee shop or walking together on a beach as the sunsets - I want to capture the special moments that make your love and family unique. Let's get creative, have some laughs and celebrate the little moments that make life sweet. 

family (in all  stages)

Portraits for the wild and free