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Baltimore Boudoir Photography | Grace | In Your Own Skin Boudoir

in your own skin boudoir

In Your Own Skin Boudoir by Katherine Elizabeth Photography

Several years ago, I had an idea. I was thinking about Valentine’s day and decided that I wanted to do something different as a gift for my husband. Little did I realize that it would be a gift to myself too. What was it? Intimate portraits of myself. At the time, I didn’t know of anyone who offered boudoir photography and, as an Annapolis photographer, decided to photograph these boudoir portraits myself. Oh boy, it was a challenge on so many levels from being both in front of and behind the camera as well as the vulnerability it took for these photos. But after going through the process it was completely worth it as I looked at my body in a whole new way! Growing up with a very conservative perspective, I wasn’t used to looking at my body as confident, beautiful, sensual and sexy (although I could see it in others) but having these portraits enabled me to see what had been there all along.

This process sparked the desire in me to be a part of having other women receive the same empowering experience - to be comfortable in your own skin. This process led me to launch a separate boudoir photography brand on Instagram and I am excited to share that in February I joined two other photographers in renting a studio space in Baltimore!

I’m excited to start sharing more of my work (all with permission of course!) at In Your Own Skin Boudoir starting with Grace’s session from December (at a different Baltimore boudoir studio). I met Grace a few years ago during the #hobbylobbychallenge (remember that!?) and was so happy to have a chance to work with her again! I can’t wait to see more women have a chance to see themselves as they are - beautiful, strong, sensual and many more things beyond what those few words can convey! We are complex. We are works of art.

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