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Meridian Hill Park Engagement | Melissa + Michael | Washington D.C. Wedding Photographer

In between dodging much of the rain that we had in early May, Melissa and Michael met with me at sunrise in Meridian Hill Park in Washington, D.C to capture their engagement portraits. Melissa and Michael met in school but their relationship didn’t really take off until after college. Melissa and I connected over her love for nature. She takes it to the next level though as Melissa has a Master of Horticultural Science! For their wedding, Melissa and Michael continue to infuse their love of nature in to the celebration as they selected the Adkins Arboretum in Ridgely, MD for their venue. Their ceremony will be held in a secluded wooded clearing and their reception celebration in a tent under the stars. It's going to be perfect and reminds me of something out of the Shire in the Lord of Rings!

About a month before their engagement session, Melissa moved to Durham, North Carolina for work which was also a “homecoming” of sorts for her. Because of the move, Melissa hadn’t seen Michael for several weeks until the night before their engagement session. It was a sweet reunion and I could so clearly see the love between the two of them in their interactions throughout our time together! During the session, I asked Melissa and Michael to share with each other when they both knew that the other was “the one”. I didn’t hear what Melissa shared with Michael, but I did catch Michael telling Melissa that he knew when he first saw her back in school!! Cue all the tears! Here are several favorites from their session!

Engagement Portraits at Meridian Hill Park. Washington DC Wedding Photographer

Engagement Portraits at Meridian Hill Park. Washington DC Wedding Photographer



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