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After Your Wedding

Baltimore Wedding Couple walking into the sunset

After spending countless hours planning your wedding, looking forward to celebrating with family and friends, and adding new pre-nominal letters to your name (maybe!), you might be wondering, “what happens after the wedding?”. Here is what you can expect regarding your wedding photos!

After Your Wedding

The night of your wedding, after you’ve said goodbye to your last guest, your memories and important moments are being backed up on my computer. While this may be a minor detail for most, to me, making sure your wedding photos are safe and secure is my utmost priority! In fact, I back up your images to two drives simultaneously along with backing up your images to the cloud.

The week after your wedding (hopefully while you are on your honeymoon!), you’ll receive an email with a few previews from your day and your online gallery will be delivered to you 8 weeks after your wedding! You’ll be able to share your photos directly with family and friends via your online gallery.

Back-Up Your Images

As these are some of the most important memories from your life, I recommend downloading + backing up your images as technology rapidly changes and one can never have too many backups! Your online gallery is available for two years and there is an option to extend that timeframe as well, but again, backups are highly recommended! I recently had a chance to try out these custom USB drives from USB Memory Direct and think these are a great option to keep your memories secure!

Custom Branded USB for backing up images

Printing Your Portraits

Beyond saving your images digitally, take this as a sign to print your images :) While having your photos on your phone and computer is useful, having your memories tangibly available in your life, printed and on your walls, at your office, and, well, everywhere as a reminder of your love can be transforming. We all know, life throws some major curveballs, and, especially on dark days, being surrounded by joyful moments helps tremendously.

Within your contract is a personal print release that allows you to choose where your images are printed. Since I can’t vouch for the quality of prints at many locations, your gallery is connected to my professional print labs for high-quality, professional products. I also create custom album designs and offer legacy albums as tangible reminders of your story.

Ultimately, regardless of where you end up printing your portraits, print them and keep these memories as a part of your life!

Flatlay image of a wedding album, butterflies and usb drives

Drives were provided as a gift by USB Memory Direct, opinions are my own.



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