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6 Tips for Thriving on a Rainy Wedding Day | Maryland Wedding Photographer

Rainy Wedding Day Tips

I remember when I was engaged, there was a photographer that I followed who shared a blog post from a wedding day where it rained. I loved all of his stories, but this one, with the rain, was the most beautiful to me because of the joy of the couple as they danced, played and ran in the rain. “Nothing can stop love, not even the rain” was what the caption wrote. This story is always in the back of my mind when the weather man calls for rain on a wedding day. This day is beautiful because it’s your wedding day, regardless of rain or snow, or sunshine.

As a wedding photographer, I have to be prepared for any conditions, to be equipped to serve the couples who trust me to capture the most wonderful day of their lives. I am constantly striving to learn more and improve my skills to do this in the best way possible. Here are some tips to help you be prepared if the weather calls for rain on your wedding day.

6 Tips for Thriving on a Rainy Wedding Day:

couple smiling rainy day wedding

1. Take a Deep Breath. Remember your wedding day will still be just as beautiful (and often more memorable moments can happen because of the rain). Think about your love for your fiance and focus on enjoying each moment of this special day, regardless of weather. Others will feed off of your excitement too!

rainy day wedding family portraits

2. Have a Plan B. If the weather has the potential of being a consistent downpour, having a Plan B for portraits is important. Buildings that have eaves or an overhang can be good options, rooms or hallways with windows (window light is magical and bonus points if the room has light colored walls) that are cleared of clutter, and even parking garages can make great options.

3. Purchase Clear Umbrellas. Not only do umbrellas protect you from the weather and make for fun portraits, clear umbrellas let light through so that your faces will be beautifully visible. Amazon and Target have some good options.

friends cheering rainy day wedding colorful umbrellas

4. Double Check Your Shoes. Do your shoes have heels that will sink into soft ground? You can purchase inexpensive Heel Protectors that help or you may consider switching out for wedges or flats.

bridesmaids walking down stairs black and white

5. Know that Stains Will Happen. Even on regular wedding days, your gown would likely have its fair share of grass and dirt stains but this is definitely added to when rain and mud are involved. My best advice is to embrace that some staining will happen, but if you want to minimize this, using clear shower curtains or clear plastic bags placed under your gown during photos can help reduce some of the staining during outdoor portraits.

6. Get Some Extra Hands: Your Maid of Honor or other trusted friends/family may need to provide you with some extra support. It's hard to lift your gown from mud, hold your umbrella, and bouquet all at once. Having someone you trust who will joyfully give you a helping hand through this can help you feel more relaxed and focused on enjoying your day. (Bridesmaid Bonus Points for those who have handy extra tissues, your lipstick, and other supplies for freshening up).

Dramatic and colorful Rainy Wedding Night Portrait by Frederick Maryland Wedding Photographer Katherine Elizabeth Photography

I hope that these tips will be helpful to you if you are involved in a rainy-day wedding! I truly believe that the rain adds an extra bit of magic. I'd love to hear your thoughts on these tips! Send me a note and feel free to share this post with your family, bridal party, and friends too!


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