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Main Street Ballroom Elopement | Jaquelia + Shane | Patapsco Female Institute Wedding

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Patapsco Female Institute Elopement at sunset Maryland Elopement photographer

“You my husband” JaQuelia whispered to Shane as she slipped his wedding band onto his finger. “I promise you perfect love and perfect trust.” “I promise to be everything for you and more. Our love is much like the pyramids, it will stand the test of time and it will last forever. When I think about you, you are my Mona Lisa, my Cleopatra, my Beyonce.”

These are just a few of the precious vows that JaQuelia and Shane committed to each other on March 13th in front of a small group of close friends and family at Main Street Ballroom.

I remember when I first met JaQuelia. She wasn’t officially engaged to Shane (yet) but was already dreaming about their perfect wedding day! We bonded over Marvel movies, pups, and generally all-the-things! JaQuelia envisioned a beautiful elopement at the Patapsco Female Institute for their wedding but after their official engagement, their plans evolved. They both fell in love with Main Street Ballroom and planned a large celebration for their wedding March of 2021! Unfortunately, the big celebration had to be pushed back due to COVID but this created the perfect opportunity for JaQuelia and Shane to mix their old vision with current circumstances.

JaQuelia picked out a new, boho style gown and Shane looked SHARP in his green suit! Exchanging personal vows, JaQuelia couldn’t hold back the tears - all the moments that came before, leading to this moment of a commitment to forever. After their ceremony, the couple exchanged macarons and drove up to the Patapsco Female Institute for portraits as the sun set over the nearby hills.

I keep thinking about how nothing is wasted. God knows just how to tie things together perfectly. From friendships that blossom into love and marriage, to small, forgotten dreams that reappear at the perfect moment - transforming disappointments into beauty.

Main Street Ballroom Elopement Baltimore Wedding Photographer
Main Street Ballroom intimate wedding ceremony. Maryland Wedding Photographer
Main Street Baltimore Wedding Ceremony. Baltimore Wedding Photographer
Patapsco Female Institue Wedding Photographer. Baltimore Elopement Photographer
Patapsco Female Institute Portrait
Baltimore Wedding Style Patapsco Female Institue Wedding Photographer
Baltimore Wedding Style at sunset Patapsco Female Institue Wedding Photographer

Wonderful Wedding Vendors:

Florals + Design: Nadine De Leon Designs

Videographer: Quamina Image

Makeup Artist: Ronkeya

Violinist: Jen Violin

Pastor: Ostein Truitt



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