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Baltimore City Courthouse Elopement | Jen + Nate | Baltimore Elopement Photographer

Baltimore Elopement Photographer

I love weddings and that they come in all different shapes and sizes. From an elaborate multi-day celebration with family and friends to an intimate day with just a select handful of people. Regardless of the style of the day, the thing that makes it beautiful is the decision that two people are making to say “I love you and I want to tell the world that I will be your person and you will be mine, no matter what life throws at us, forever and ever”. I know that one sentence is an oversimplification of the deep commitment that two souls make to each other but in one way or another, that is at the core of weddings vows.

On a bright spring day in April, I met Jen and Nate at the Baltimore City Courthouse to witness and photograph their Baltimore City elopement. After the ceremony, we headed over to the Patterson Park Pagoda where the trees were in full bloom and the kindest park staff let us into the Pagoda for a few pictures. Jen and Nate hadn’t told anyone except for me and the person who helped Jen with her makeup that they were getting married on this warm April tuesday. Their elaborate plans for the day were to get married and spend the rest of the afternoon gardening together before heading to dinner that evening. The simplicity of that was so beautiful to me: two souls doing life together and embracing each other just as they are. Congratulations Jen and Nate!

Baltimore Courthouse Wedding
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Photography by Baltimore Wedding Photographer Katherine Elizabeth Photography



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