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Gramercy Mansion Engagement Portraits | Sara + Bradley | Baltimore Wedding Photographer

Katherine Elizabeth Phtoography

Photography by Baltimore Wedding Photographer Katherine Elizabeth Photography

I fell in love with Gramercy Mansion when I first captured Allison and Shane’s wedding on the property in 2017. Allison had stated that the wedding was “English Garden” themed but I didn’t quite grasp what that meant until I arrived but I immediately knew that it would be one of my favorite Maryland Wedding venues! When Bradley reached out to me about photographing his and Sara’s engagement portraits and mentioned that they would love to have them taken at Gramercy Mansion, I was so excited! Hopefully you’ll be able to see why below :D Bradley and Sara went to highschool together but didn’t connect until later via an online dating app and the rest is history! We decided on sunrise because it’s magical, it's a cooler part of the day, and it worked out scheduling wise with us as well as Gramercy. I know meeting a photographer for the first time right before jumping into portraits can be intimidating but Bradley and Sara were so sweet together! They didn’t seem to mind too much when I directed them from behind the occasional bush and braved walking through the wet grass in heels to catch that morning glow from the sun. It was such a lovely morning spent getting to know these two and I know there wedding at Gramercy Mansion next July will be so incredibly lovely as well! Here is a little bit about their engagement story shared in their own words and check out a few of my faves from their engagement session below!

"Sara was completely oblivious to the fact that Bradley was a part of her group of friends that went to Warped Tour together back in 2011 and she ended up cropping him out of the photos because she didn’t know him. We didn’t have the greatest first interaction with each other. We both grew up in Laurel, Maryland, went to the same high school, and even had mutual friends, but our paths never crossed. During one summer break from college, we met through a mutual friend and a right swipe on Tinder - romance at its finest. We spent months talking and getting to know each other, then eventually decided to make it official in December 2015.

"We were long-distance for most of our relationship because we went to different universities on the opposite sides of the state, then Sara went off to graduate school. Despite the distance, we always tried to remain close through constant communication throughout the day via text messages. One day, we were texting and discussing how we imagined our futures and we both responded by saying that we envisioned being married to each other and building a family together. Sara’s not the type to focus on the long-term, so it was a big deal for her to envision a future with Bradley. This was the moment in which she realized that he was the one. Bradley then realized that there was no one he would rather be with than Sara for the rest of his life.

"The proposal happened on December 23, 2017. Sara believed that we were only going out for a simple dinner with Bradley’s family. We went to the Gaylord in the National Harbor to look at the Christmas lights and go to a restaurant there. When we arrived there, Bradley’s family walked away. Once they left Sara and Bradley alone, he went down on one knee and the Christmas lights and music started. He proposed to her in front of the lights and Sara said, “Yes!” Once she said “yes,” all of her friends and family came out to surprise and congratulate them. Bradley planned this with the help of his family and cooperation with Sara’s family and friends. He was planning this for weeks and even took the time to ask her father for Sara’s hand in marriage."

Congratulations Bradley and Sara!! It was so wonderful to meet you both!!!

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Photography by Baltimore Wedding Photographer Katherine Elizabeth Photography



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