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The Wharf DC Engagement | Liset + Marvin | Maryland Wedding Photographer

DC Photographer

Last year, with all of the ebbs and flows that come with life and running a business, my blogging schedule got a little wonky. Looking through my archives this week, that is when I realized I hadn’t shared Liset and Marvin’s engagement session with you! On a day in late August, I remember getting up far earlier than the sun to meet this wonderful couple for the first time to photograph their engagement portraits at the Wharf Washington D.C. This was also my first time visiting the Wharf but Marvin had worked there previously and the couple thought it would be a great spot for their session (great call!). Along with being near the water, the Wharf has some unique elements for visitors to enjoy, such as the modern swings, fountains and glass walled pier.

As soon as Liset and Marvin arrived, we jumped right into portrait mode to catch the beautiful colors of the sunrise. Although sunrise sessions are at a more challenging time of day for some couples to get ready for, it is always SO rewarding!!! The lovely colors and golden glow from the sun as it rises coupled with fewer people and less heat just can’t be matched! These two were so sweet and even danced on the pier together to warm up a little bit. I know that being in front of a stranger with a camera can be intimidating so I love giving my couples some ideas that involve movement to feel a little more comfortable! Dancing, walking, running, twirling, and dipping are just a few ideas to get started along with talking about all things wedding and engagement related along the way! Here are a few of my favorites from their session!

Katherine Elizabeth Photography
The Wharf Engagement Session
Dc Engagement Photographer
Katherine Elizabeth Photography

Photography by Maryland Wedding Photographer Katherine Elizabeth Photography



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